[REMOVED] Thunkable X Private Chat App

Introducing Greet, the private message chat app.

Expect A LOT of errors

This is my first social media app on Thunkable X.

It has Firebase Authentication, for sign in. You select a username, and to chat to someone, you must enter their username exactly, like Snapchat (that is the idea).

Once you have found the users name, you can click chat with user and you are brought into a chat with them.

On the home screen, it shows all your messages, like in Whatsapp.

The chat screen contains labels, which are designed to look nice. This was originally list view but multi line was not supported so I scrapped that. If in the future multi line is possible, I would definitely change back.

The app also supports your profile. You set your username (can’t be changed) but you can change your public shown profile photo. The idea is to add in fields like name, description etc.

As of now the app works with the bare bones. Private messaging works, creating text chats work, and the search feature works.

Here are some screen shots, and I have also attached a download apk for the file. So please feel free to message me on it! My name is eoinparkinson and you can search for me using the search feature. I would love to hear your feedback! I am unsure if this is a first for Thunkable X, but I am pretty proud of this app so far :slight_smile:

And here is the download link:

Please do message me on this if you can! I really need to test this out!

As always thank you to everyone who leaves feedback, I really appreciate it.

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Hi there,
I downloaded your app, it look like great. I have a question, why do my list viewer getting empty?
I found you friend from search list and it show “Try Again” after clicked Chat button.

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the try again shows when somehow the 8 digit number duplicates, so the try again feature asks you to click again.


this is definitely something I need to fix. and your name shows on my list, I sent you a message :slight_smile: and your icon shows for me :slight_smile:

My listviewer including so many eoinparkinson.xxxxxxx, are these you sent to me?

Just checked firebase, had a bit of a mix up (which i though would happen) Use the chat 78018632 :slight_smile:

I received your message there :DDDDD

So, others “firebase codes” were came from other users. ?

The way I uploaded the apk, it already had saved data which was my username, I believe that was the cause. So before I do the next upload file I will log out. I think this was the issue anyway… Try add the account eointest to see what happens, please


I also removed the broken chats for you, hopefully the right ones. Can you see my messages still?

Hi if anybody is interested in testing on iOS I can send you a download link to the app. I would love to get some strong community feedback on this app! It is a development in progress.

I need some users to test this app out. Anybody willing to help? I need 5 or so people, just to confirm everything works well. I would be very grateful!

Hi :grinning: I’m keen to try it out on iOS. You are welcome to send me the link

I would test this out.

I would really love to incorporate something like this into my app.


I can :slight_smile: but can you help me make chatapp too?

Unfortunately I had to remove this project because back when it was created my projects kept sharing variables causing horrible lag. Deleting it didn’t fix it.

Aw that sucks but can you help me make a chat app which works on codes like if I request you to chat you get a code if you put that code we both go in chat room

I can try this on iOS for you!



Could you please send the link to the app via a reply to this comment so that I can try it on ios?
For some reason, the file is not working for me.


sorry just realised you took down the app. My bad :slight_smile:

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