New Thunkable Pricing & Packaging: Pushed back to July 19th

Thanks to everyone who read our most recent blog post on Packaging & Pricing updates and for getting in touch with your feedback.

We’ve listened to your feedback and due to the overwhelming response and popular demand, we are holding off on the Packaging & Pricing changes until July 19th.

We know that it’s Summer Break for many of you and not everyone has had a chance to take a look at the upcoming changes and make a decision by the 8th. We have heard from you that you want a few more weeks and we happy to make that happen. Our changes will now take effect on Monday, July 19th. This extra time allows you to determine which plan is best for you, get your projects in order, and also allows us to finish up a couple of big features we are working on.

Thanks again to everyone for such a positive response! You can learn more about the upcoming new features, as well as the Packaging & Pricing changes here.

Let us know below if you have any additional questions!


If I choose starter before the 19th, then will I still be allowed unlimited public projects? It says 20 public projects there, but I have way more than that. Also, can those with ‘starter’ publish web apps? I understand monetization is only for PRO and above.

When does the update come?


It seems today is the day.

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I know that, but I was interested in the time, so I can get ready for that.


Hi, any info on this? Thanks

This was rolled out at 1:30 pm PST yesterday - you can see the new pricing tiers on the pricing page.


with “* New * Starter” is it possible to publish applications in the ios play store and market with admob ads? Can it be monetized in this plan or can it only be used for pro and higher?

Yup. Admin is On pro and higher only. Not to worry. Build your app on a lower tier and add them in only when you are over 500 or more app views per day.

Without being able to publish the app, it’ll be hard for a starter user to get 500 installs, no?


The price seems excessive and more considering the excessive increase it had (almost double), it is too expensive (I am new and I do not know how much profit can be achieved with average apps but a large percentage of the profits would be only to pay the pro account) .
If the increase is due to the new tools … the truth is that they are not necessary for me and I am not interested in using them in any app.
I was very interested in paying to be a pro, but it already seems excessive to me.


Can anyone tell me if the personal plans have any non commercial terms and conditions vs the business plans? Or is it just a naming scheme for the plans.

It looks like the only difference is the addition of direct support.

I guess my question is - can a business (UK Ltd company) use the Individual Pro plan to develop and use apps commercially or do they have to choose the Business plan?

Can’t find any T’s&C’s relating to this!


I have a Pro membership and do not understand when all the new features that have been announced will be available?