[Solved] Need to upgrade to PRO to publish to iOS? I already have PRO

I was trying to work on some stuff tonight and, well, I can’t publish to iOS now. When I try, it tells me I need to upgrade to PRO. However, I already have a PRO subscription, active until February 2022. Is this a bug with the new release?

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It might be? Did you try signing out and back in again?

I’ll take a look on my end and report back in a minute

How many Thunkable accounts do you have?

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I just did. No change.

Just this one…

Also, from my perspective, I don’t see anything new available to me. It all looks the same. Are all of the new features live?

Thanks - have confirmed this and logged it as an issue so it will be fixed shortly. Thanks for flagging this with us.

Which features in particular were you looking forward to?

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Setting up in-app purchases was the biggest one. However, there are supposed to be different font types available for buttons and labels. I don’t see anything that allows me to change font types.

Absolutely! I’m excited for these new things! :smiley:


These are planned updates that we’re hoping to roll out this summer but yesterday’s release was just for the new pricing plans and tiers.

Apologies for any confusion here - but both of these should be out in forthcoming updates in the coming weeks


I’ll keep impatiently waiting… :crazy_face:

No worries! Appreciate the clarification! I’m eager to push out my latest updates, but I am waiting for those updates before I do.

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Hey @amazingwx - this has now been fixed.

Can you try again please and confirm that it is working for you again?



@domhnallohanlon, good to go! :raised_hands:


Awesome - love to hear it!

Don’t forget to tell the world about your app over in #madewiththunkable when your app goes live!

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I already did! It was featured last week! :heart::grin: