Do I turn my PRO subscription off?

I signed up for PRO for two reasons. (1) I like supporting products I’m enjoying using and (2) my kids’ team needed their app available as a mobile web app, and that’s a PRO feature.

The kids and I chose Thunkable because we wanted their app to work cross-platform. iPhones were a big deal for them. For the past three weeks, iPhones don’t play any sounds, which is a feature their app needs.

This morning, mobile web apps are no longer working. The kids’ competition submission (which includes a link to their web app) went in yesterday, so this timing is pretty disastrous.

I’m enjoying other PRO features, but without the ability to publish a working iOS app or web app, I’m thinking this is money I could use elsewhere. :frowning:

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Your very right on this. My renewal is due next month and I’m really having a second opinion specially that the web app issue is effecting previously published apps and my two clients have actually complained already.

The way the web app runtime is designed poorly in this regards.

Not to rub salt in the wound but it’s been almost 5 weeks (reported March 20) since sound playback stopped working. This is pretty unacceptable to me, especially when we were told it might be a day or two before the fix was put in place.

I got a lot of love for Thunkable but I hear you… it’s only worth the money if it works consistently. It’s understandable if a Web App publishing server stop working momentarily but having existing web apps stop working is another matter altogether and I’d hope there was a backup server in place to quickly resolve that issue.

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Thanks for signing up @catsarisky - really sorry to hear this PRO feature isn’t working at the moment. We’ll get this resolved as quickly as possible and let you know as soon as the fix is out

We made a small change to Web App publishing in the last day or so. Thanks for flagging this - Ting is taking a look at it now.

Apologies for the trouble with this @muneer - we try to keep a close eye on the Community but if you’re ever affected by a critical issue like this in the future please email PRO support directly and we should be able to quickly follow up with you there.


And the lack of sound in iOS?

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@catsarisky @muneer @tatiang my web apps are now publishable again - can you try again and let me know if they work for you too?

Good question! Let me follow up with that and I’ll let you know what’s happening there

Yes, I can publish new web apps and also access the couple of previously-published web apps I tried.


Yes, I checked it. It’s working now.