[Solved] All published Apps stop Working! Urgent help please!

All our published apps stop working suddenly today… both iOS and Android.
They don’t crash, just stuck on their splash screens.

update: download new apk from thunkable doesn’t work neither download from stores

On Thunkable Live they’re all working fine.

Which apps? Can you share links? Is there anything happening on the splash screen that might cause this such as accessing an API or an external data source?

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All of my apps.

Nothing that I’m aware of on the splash screens… the annoying thing is that only happening with published apps… that I didn’t updated in days.

same for me
I have a white page, the server is down :frowning:


I’m ot seeing (or experiencing) any issues with the platform itself at the moment @alex_ezacae:

Are you having any issues with published apps?

Can you clarify here please @lamagalhaes - is the issue with installed apps from the store, or are you trying to access these projects on the Thunkable platform?

If there’s an issue with apps in the store can you please share store links with us please. Are you seeing any crash logs in your developer console?


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Hi, my Webapps are all down too. Server has crashed? Estimated time before fixing it?

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Thanks for replying.

The issue is with apps from store, both iOS and Android.
iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/itu-cart%C3%A3o-cidad%C3%A3o/id1576746762
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=br.com.assistsolucoes.itu.cadastroonline

I’ve never needed to see this crash logs… I don’t know how to do it.
But as I said before, the apps doesn’t crash… just get stuck on splash screen.

The first screen is loading. Nothing happens.

I was asking for links to your published apps. App Store links. And I see from your project that you are accessing an API from your splash screen. Have you checked to make sure the API isn’t down? I’m guessing that’s not the problem since you said it works in Thunkable Live…

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Sorry… they’re above.

Thanks. I was going to install it and see if it works for me but it’s not available in the U.S.

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for me I cannot login at all
I reboot my mac.
Logout all the sessions …

Hello tatiang, do you have any clue about what could be wrong? I guess you can access the webapp even from the US.

It is ok for me now.
I reboot again and clear all the history, cookies …
if it helps


Sorry about that… I released it for US now… check it again, please.

Seems like we’re talking about two or three different things here, no?

@vincent.pappollakvt can you PM me your project link please?

Can you release it in Ireland too please @lamagalhaes? I’m not sure if the roll-out is instant, might take a while for the store to update?

I dont’t know about the time to roll-out… but it seems to be instantly.

I edited the iOS link to US, the default one… I think.

@domhnallohanlon same thing for me: stuck on the splash screen. I can’t find the way to PM you. (I don’t use often the community sorry). Can you tell me?

To send a PM, click here → @domhnallohanlon and then click the blue Message button.