Constant bugs on the platform to be addressed ASAP

Dear Thunkable Team,

I’m a student currently coordinating a virtual hackathon in my country, Brazil, where participants were encouraged to use Thunkable as their app development platform because it was the most intuitive to use among other no-code platforms I tried.

However, nowadays I have over 100 participants reporting constant bugs to me, saying that they are facing inexplicable component disappearances, distortions, and malfunctions on their web previews. Some haven’t been able to progress in their development at all. They are dedicating so many precious hours to their apps, but the platform doesn’t allow them to build further, causing disappointment and frustration.

With just a few components the platform becomes extremely unstable and slow, despite all attempts to clear browser tabs and data caches. They feel discouraged to continue in the competition and I don’t know how to support them anymore.

So please, I ask you to address these bugs as soon as possible, because they are truly harming users’ experiences. If you could also tell me a word of reassurance about the platform for me to share with them, it would be much appreciated.

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I’ve noticed the builder runs better on high-performance machines. Have you checked out any other nocode builders? You’re likely to run into a similar issue with most as they take up system resources like crazy

I don’t experience that with Thunkable. I have screens with 1000+ blocks and it’s pretty fast and smooth. I’m using a Mac Mini M1 with 8GB running OS. 13.1.

I don’t say that to discount your experiences which sound frustrating, but just to note that there are definitely variables to consider, as @jared mentioned.

Hi @ma_reis,
I’m terribly sorry to hear that you and the participants are having issues with the platform. It sounds like this is a really wonderful thing you are doing by holding this hackathon, consider me impressed!

As others have said here, there are many variables to consider when looking at performance issues when running our platform to build apps. None of that discounts that your users are not having a great experience. I can assure you that a majority of the work our engineers do behind the scenes is to ensure that our platform is stable and running as efficiently as possible. We are sending out updates literally every week to improve the Thunkable experience.

Having said all of this, feel free to reach out to me personally at if you like. I would be happy to talk about more specifics.

Cheers and Happy Thunking!


Thank you @conroy33 for the quick reply and for the support! I’ll be sharing this info with the participants. Is there anything else I can recommend to them to improve their experience right now?

@ma_reis The best advice on a system level is to make sure their operating systems and browsers are up to date. If they are running on a machine that is a bit older, run the Thunkable platform only and keep other application or browser use to a minimum.

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I would just second that Chrome is a memory hog. Many people – myself included – keep dozens of tabs open. Advise them not to do that while running Thunkable. Hopefully that will help!


Hello guys its my first time asking something here. I had my app in Google Store, working 3 days ago perfectly, and i updated 3 days ago but the app stopped to work . It pops the splash Thunkable screen and than it doesnt pass to the first screen. I can see many of you already gave some suggestions, but i erased the cache of my app, uninstalled, I did double checked if something changed in my blocks but it didnt. Yesterday I came back to thunkable and it was missing a few blocks. I download the apk and it works fine, so it doesnt make sense to atribute the issue to how advanced is the user computer. I changed a few weeks ago from Kodular to thunkable and paid the pro membership. Do you have any prediction of when you will look at it? it would be nice to know if i have to plan to go back to kodular , which I dont want but I do have an app that serves a community that gets lost without it …Yes I know, everyone does :stuck_out_tongue: From what I see here this is affecting many users in need. Please Help us :slight_smile:

by the way, i did restarted my computer, opened only one tab with thunkable, downloaded to publish to android and the result was the same. I do have an intel I7 9700K 3.60GHZ 8 CORE , 32 Ram, 100gb free memory in hard ssd disk and a NVIDIA GFORCE GTX 1660, SHOULD RUN OK RIGHT?

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Can someone please tell me if someone was already able to publish and use the app? Mine I just stopped to try to use it because apk is good, but thunkable splash screen just freezes all the times that I pubnlish it. Unfortunately just losing time like this. Can soomeone tell me if you found any solution for this?

Hello @andregentilhomemir
Could you please send me a personal message with the specific project URL, so we can investigate it further?

Just to know, you can test the aab before submitting it to the play store.
You have found more information on how to do it here:

Set up an open, closed, or internal test - Play Console Help (

Hello Joannis, Try, please to imagine that the app works, on my phone, tablets and many other androids…I can Login and make every functionality of the app to work. I upload to google app, and when it is live in google play store it opens your white thunkable splash screen and than puuff. And you tell me to upload on google play for internal tests. If the problem would be the authentication it wouldnt login or register users. My project URL is: Thunkable
My app at google play store is:
It works totally fine everywhere but after being live on google store it doesnt work anymore after the thunkable splash screen. Thank you for your help.

The app was published, but it never came out of the whits thunkable screen. Is it just me having this issue? Because if it is I do need someone to help me to understand it…all blocks have no apparent flaw, all the tests run smooth, but only the published android app brings me this issue. Please, someone help me. I am available for any video call, chat or whatever it can make this possible :frowning:

I found a workaround.
I shared, via personal message, a new copy project of yours so that it doesn’t have any issues.
Let me know if that works for you

I did it, set to production in google play store and now I am waiting that it goes live and I will give you an update tomorrow…by my experience now its almost 18:00 here so tomorrow morning should be live. Thank you, but can you tell me what was the issue if that was the issue? By the way even if it doesnt work, thank you very much for the help.

it is live now, and the issue is exactly the same :frowning: it didnt change anything. :frowning: what did you thought it was?

I have to tell to the Thunkable staff that you have a problem with your splash screen for sure… I made another app from scratch, with a simple logo and firebase simple authentication. The apk works in evry phone, tablet or simulator but as soon as i put the aab through the google play, it comes live with your white thunkable screen that freezes the app…if this is like this all the effort of all the other issues it will be worthless because as soon as you put it live on google play store than it doesnt work. Its not my account…its not the app i did. But from the moment that you set the splash screen of thunkable it just crashes when is about to change screen and it keeps a loop of white thunkable logo splash screen. I could provide all the information you want but if you try to put an app live on google app through thunkable, than it doesnt work. Through Kodular it works. I changed to Thunkable because it seems much better, butr the marketing splash screen is ruining your purpose. Is any solution, or someone working on this? Please, I need help.

Hello @andregentilhomemir
I tested your app by downloading it from Google Play, and it is working.
Could you please explain to me how you tested the new AAB file?

that one that you are downloading from google app store is the one I made with Kodular…I have people who use my site and i cant be weeks with a white screen there…I did all the steps with the app as i should…i even already shared with you my app…this one that is there is the one made with kodular, that is exavtly the same and since they dont add any spash screen it works. I didnt need to test anything else more because the app was functional already…and suddendly it crashed. The app that i made with thunkable it works…just not after you add the white secreen. I think if I write this 100 times together with everyone that will try to upload on thunkable, you will maybe take me serious only than :stuck_out_tongue: what can i do?

Could you please send me a link to download the AAB file that doesn’t work?
One way to send me the link is to upload the file to internal testing and add me as a tester. My email is