Thunkable completely glitching

I’ve created an app and I’ve been working on it for a few days now. When I added 3 more screens the app started constantly crashing. So I minimized my app to only require 7 Screens instead of 11, however the app is still crashing even though there is nothing wronge with the code. This happens using the thunkable android app and when exporting as APK.
I tried contacting support over the built-in chat thingy, but I’m getting no response.
What are my options?
I really want to push this update as soon as possible

Which version of Android are you using? Are there any blocks below in your code?


I’m using Android 7 and i’m not using any of these blocks above. It all worked until I added more screens - from then on it fails to run.

It is interesting. In my application 23 screens and they work.

Do you use a lot of heavy images? Can you turn off all the blocks on the added screens? Maybe in some component the height or width was not recorded.

If you are using a rooted device, then try sending a log error using the LogCat application. If not, then the error log made with adb would help.

My app is mainly text and some buttons - No heavy images or anything. All I added to the last working version was a WebView component.

I don’t have a rooted device but I’ll see what I can do to get you the logs.

It seems like my App doesn’t want to crash now. It opens up perfectly fine but all Buttons don’t work anymore.

My Thunkable is I created a chat app and when I used this block,

when switch 1 on value change with do