Downloaded Thunkable App Stops Working after few days (reverts to Thunkable splash screen)

I downloaded my App for testing. worked fine at first, but after a few days, when I open the app and click any button or try to maneuver in my app, it changes the screen to the THunkable Logo Splash screen.

Is this normal? That after few test cycles of opening and closing the app it stops working and only shows Thunkable logo splash screen.

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What you are describing is not normal at all. Once APK is generated by Thunkable it cannot be altered unless you generate it again.

You need to check for other possibilities such as if the app requires internet connection all the time or if your app access cloud databases such as Airtable, Google sheet, Firebase or any other resource which requires connection and authentication.

It is not easy to provide a solution because you have not explained anything about what your app requires to run properly.

sorry, I app is using Airtable Api to fetch data from the sheet.

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That is a good place to start. Check the API(s) are still working and active and do retrieve data.

Why have you chosen to work with API on Airtable instead of using Thunckable native connections?

My database is huge, more than 5000 entries. Airtable was easy to integrate but i got to know the Api request limit is only 5 per sec, and also this app not woring issue arised.