Open APK bug, The app " " was stopped

Since today, I cant open any Thunkable APK downloaded

I tried with older Thunkable APKS and those opens normallly. I think may be there is an update bug today

My android Version is 6.0.1
Please Help!!


Same problem here !!!

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By the way do you have GIF pictures or animation ?

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Is a generic problem, I tried with almost empty Apps and I have the same problem

I posted 6 hours ago but no one replied to my post

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I Saw it. If do you can, try to download an apk of a empty app and tell me if do you have the same problem

I tried it with blank screen it doesn’t crash but freeze
all components are frozen but the application respond to my actions correctly

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I have the same problem. I think Thunkable team should to pay atention to this, I just buy the PRO version and this is a big problem because I need try my app before publishing in the “stores” and the Live test is not enough.

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