Live test Work But App Freeze After installing as APK

I just finished an extremely hard app
everything worked as expected except some lag due to navigator and ram management (inside live test app) but I faced an issue after downloading APK file and Installing it as standalone app (outside thunkable live)
the application start and the first screen shows up but its frozen (gif images not working) and not responding to anything tried a lot of things ( emulators + editing and removing from the code ) but no luck

i appreciate any help
I’m Stuck here guys

I wish that I can share my project here but a lot of API keys and passwords + google sheets and assets are used


Hey @newman1994211pt, welcome to the community :wave:

This sounds unusual that your project would work when testing but stop when you go to install it.

Can you share your project link with me via PM and I will see if I can reproduce this behaviour on my end.


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does your project have if device is online? blocks

all happended after updating to thunkable V202
Alot of users experiencing the same issue
Is Devices Online Freeze + gif and lottie json not working

  • always first time app run into crash

I’ll Send you project link

This issue is device online conflicts with data source thus freezing and making navigation impossible .

Nope, in my case since yesterday I cant open any thunkable APK… with or without “device is online?” block

And also in Thunkable live I m founding crashes and bugs with airtable…
In firebase I found different answers when the file is null, before the result was null, now is undefined, there was a lot of changes, a week ago, my app worked perfect, today it crashes and also I cant OPEN ANY APP, i m talking about empty apps… I dont know what is happening

A very important detail, the older downloaded apks, works perfect in my phone, the problem started yesterday)

i was just doing a minor fix next thing my Publish app airtable list wont load i been up tiul 4am trying to fix this then i will have to wait another 2days once it hits the apple store and my membership will be up soon i lost my ad sense while creating an app here for invalid traffic is not like i have any money coming in from the app i get some small donations from people who like but now they are all pissed and uninstalling this whole thing is very stressful

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I believe and bet on thunkable progress but I learned that before to do any update in IOS or Android, you have to test EVERYTHING because there are constant updates in plataform and thing changes, on this path you will find a lot of bugs, sometimes you will have to wait and other times you will have to try to solve your mistakes. In this case I would wait for them to solve whatever is happening. but never stop asking

i could understand if was my mistake but the fix is beyond my blocks Thunk able have a serious bug they need to fix

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I’m having the same problem, just pray and hope they fix it (?


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I think They fix few days. Because of old beta App working in Ios.

my app open once and wont open again

Like me.

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so i download to test flight same thing it crashes

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i have 2 days to fix this problem anyone figure it out yet?

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@newman1994211pt following the latest updates to the build servers and Thunkable Live app, has this fixed any of the issues here?