Open app again proablem fix

hello sir I am new in thunkable, I create a app but when I open the app there is a message
"Unfortunately, app has stopped

open app again

help any one


apk size is over 10mb after building

Sir Can we not make an app over than 10mb (final apk size) in thunable?

no you cannot

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My app size is 3.36mb

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Have you understood the link I shared? It’s talking not only the size of APK, but specially about the assets. Take a good look at each one of them.


@ranajit You read that link tutorial it can help you. double check your blocks for the errors.
I mention about Apk size because i’m working on a project that could be more than 10Mb assists. So this topic was little related to my question. right now my apk size is 3.66MB with only labels buttons and blocks.
@Kleyber_Derick Thank you sir for share an useful link for tutorial.
@Chris Thank you to also sir!

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That is strange, which version you are using presently?


Karibuni sana
Tujifunze jinsi ya kupambana na Marsha

Karibuni sana tujifunze jinsi ya kupambana na maisha