Two things (App does not work + App size increased by 5 MB)

First thing: My app works when i do live testing on computer, but when i use the app (Thunkable Live) or when i download the app (.apk) on my mobile it does not work.

Second thing: My app size increased 5 MB without changing anything

I came back after two months of disappearing

Anybody know what happened?

Hey @abedo, yeah, great to see you again - hope you’re keeping well.

Can you provide a few more specifics please, and any steps to reproduce this behaviour. Thanks!

That’s probably due to us. We’re constantly updating to make sure everything is up-to-date and we have a couple of new components in the works too.

Thank you very much
I found the reason
I was using the block “When Screen Open”, before Thunkable make the update it used to work fine, after the update it did not work

Now, after changing it to “When Screen Starts”, it works

Sorry for replying late, but i do shift duty