My app size is reduced and It works only once

I have a problem.
My app size was about 35MB.
I add some function.
And upgrade second app size about 33MB.

It seems somthing lost.

First open and works well.
But Second is not work.
Thunkable live was down.

I publish this second app and I replace in playconsole.

Second app is work like before.
I downgrade app.
I cofused.
That is wrong?

Hi @go1tentcjzwu,

We made a major upgrade last week so that might be the reason for the 2 MB more efficient apk size.

Are you just guessing here, or was there actually some functionality missing?

Did you upgrade to the latest version of Thunkable Live? Do you get any error message in your second app? Then you go on to say:

Thanks for clarifying.