Size of applications

Hello Thunkable team

Is there any plan to reduce the size to the apps which are made by Thunkable X?

Compared to other apps, our apps are much bigger


Any info please?

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Hi there,

Thunkable is constantly working on making Thunkable apps smaller.
You can make your app smaller by:

  • deleting unused blocks
  • hosting media in a mediaDB instead of uploading it to your app
  • reusing components instead of duplicating components



Thank you @jane I appreciate your reply
I followed 1st and 3rd tips, 2nd tip is not needed because my midea files are consuming very small size. But still size is big

Thanks again

This is a big problem as apps with a larger size download less

my apk is too big. but only hello world. any suggest @jane solutions for reduce size apk? thanks

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Please, make app smaller. It is a big problem.

@thinkkable @nikstudy1dbv,

Most phones have GB of storage, do you have any feedback from users on Google Play etc telling you that 30MB is too big for their phones?