Reducing APK Size

also are there any plans on apk size???
thunkable staff

Hey @eko.devs.apploroceo,

Going to move this to its own topic. At the moment, the current builds aren’t too big for a modern smartphone to handle. Additionally, since the minimum SDK is Android 5 most devices should be ok with this size.

That being said, we are working on the Android build system at the moment and, in the coming months should also be able to further optimise the size of APKs from the platform .



Yes the APK size of thunkable is very big when I make an app with local storage or media db on it it makes the apk size to 90 or 80 mb very big :frowning:

lets not talk more let them update it
idk y u all make pressure on devs?

Oh ok :+1:

sorry for pressurizing @domhnallohanlon
can we get to know the date it will be uupdated