Why is APK size of a simple app is becoming more than 30mb?

Just tried my first demo app with just 2-3 components. And the APK size is wooping 33mb.

Does Thunkable x APK takes minimum of 30mb ?

Hey @systems.dvc09h6ye :wave:

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There is probably a little bit of extra work that we might do in the future to bring this down a couple of MB, but for a modern Android app, this really isn’t too bad.

Given that modern smartphones have 1,000s of MB, 33 isn’t a huge amount of space to take up.

Can you tell us a little more about the type of app you’d like to build on Thunkable? Is there a specific reason why 33 MB is too big for your intended user base?


33 MB for even empty project. But confusing.