Application size initially already voluminous

Hello, is it normal that the application is directly 30MB as soon as you start it (without even having added any files). It seems to me that the applications are limited to 50MB but what do we do if they are already so big at the beginning?

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Its normal that applications are 30+ MB
I honestly don’t know how to fix it.

I don’t understand how the app can get so big from the start. Is this not likely to pose a problem, given that the maximum size of applications is 50MB?

Reported and discussed many times.


Hey @team.eps.numeriqueg the max size for your project is 50 MB, essentially you have 50MB for assets like images, animation, audio, video etc.

For example, this project is using 0.09 MB of that 50 MB allowance.

As @drted mentions, the build size is more due to the fact that an APK from Thunkable will run on pretty much any recent Android device.

Given that most modern Android devices have 1,000s of MB of storage, wondering if you’ve had and feedback from your users about the 30MB app size?

Sure, but the point is not whether modern phones have enough storage but rather if it makes sense for a i.e. single screen app to be 30 MB large.

Don’t get me wrong, despite the fact that I don’t like it, I understand the reasons why an almost empty app can be that large and I develop my apps with this limitation in mind. This has been discussed in multiple other threads and I am looking forward for App Bundles (.aab) support which I assume will fix the issue and allow us to add more assets in our apps without having to download them from mediaDB or other resources.

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As specified in: @Deluxe , I just find it strange that an empty application is 30MB. Would it be possible to decrease this size or ways to import images without increasing the size of the project. Knowing that I must be able to put images, this is particularly difficult without exceeding the limit

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It is currently not. You need to factor this in your apps design.

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Thanks for your help @Deluxe

in your assets you can get url of each and in blocks just use url of assets instead of uploading assets

@Deluxe @team.eps.numeriqueg as @drted points out above there is a full explanation of the reasoning behind this in the community already;

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The reasoning you refer to is technology-oriented, not end-user oriented. You need to understand the difference between the two. As previously stated:

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