App stuck on "Made for free with Thunkable" screen
Venue Code = 12345

Hi again,

I need some advice. I’m still new to Thunkable, but I’m having problems with my downloaded apk.
when I install and run the app it sticks on the “Made for free with Thunkable” screen. The app works fine in X and in Live but the apk doesn’t.

The app was working fine 2 days ago, all I did was add a button to point to my PayPal page and now it has stopped working. I tried removing the button and putting everything back but it still does not work.

Any help will be gratefully received
Also if anyone can suggest any improvements would be much appreciated.


oh i thought was just me i am having the same issue also google and apple dont like links to paypal i have a link to my page with paypal links google rejected my app said to move it

Thanks. I’ll bare that in mind when I get to publishing. I’m new to this, just trying different thing at the moment, just can’t understand why the apk doesn’t work though

it cant be us alone have to be others it does the same thing on ios

It seems whatever the problem was has been fixed. I just downloaded the apk again, without making any changes and it worked. I was it was made public that there was an issue and what the problem was.

apk worked but ios still have the problem