Made with Thunkable

Today I signed up to the Pro membership thinking that the ‘Made with Thunkable’ splash screen that appears when the app opens with the Thunkable icon would be removed. It doesn’t seem so, am I doing something wrong??


Umm…Can you try to reinstall the app?

Add an icon to your App, and then check…
Are you testing on Thunkable Live?
If true, then the Thunkable Branding will always be there.
Try installing APK (Android App) / IPA (iOS app)…
Hope it helps… :wink:

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Thanks guys, working now. Was my fault, I kept installing the original apk. Getting senile in my old years :slight_smile:

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Maybe we can start a 50+ group across all builders. Then i can join. :grin::+1:

LOL, yes :slight_smile: . Turned 50 last week (sob)

53 here and loving it. :sunglasses: