How to remove thunkable icon and "made with thunkable" after purchasing pro version (starter pack) and setting up the app icon?

I have purchased the thunkable PRO version (Starter pack).Membership page under my account shows as starter plan and also it mentions as Thunkable PRO monthly starter membership under billing history. So the purchase is successful.
Now I have created the app and added app icon.
When I download I’m still seeing the default logo of thunkable with ‘made with thunkable’ tagline in splash screen.
When I download the app and start it shown thunkable logo in splash scree.
So how to show app icon instead of default thunkable logo, kindly anyone help me. it little bit urgent.
Thank you in advance.

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Hi there,

The Starter Plan doesn’t have Custom Branding.


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OK so how to upgrade my subscription, I’m not able to find any option for that ? And can I know the support timing ( with the time zone ?

Please contact Thunkable support with this question under:

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