[Solved] How do I remove Thunkable branding from my app?


I have a pro plan. No matter what I do, the Thunkable logo still appears in the APK file I download through email after being generated. I tried re-uploading my load to the project in the settings part, but I had no luck.

Can you help me with that, please?


that how it is now if you want it remove have to do the business plan at $200 a month

In future please search the forum instead of spamming it as most questions such as yours have already been answered.

this is shocking, and disappointing, I read somewhere that the logo will disappear in the pro plan for the apk files,

and business plan required for web apps only

I didn’t want to spam,

I already replied to one existing post but no reply, and I was 100% sure that pro plan will remove the thunakble branding

The Thunkable pricing page is very clear that you need at least the Business plan.

This is false. You have received a reply.

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