A note to those grumbling about thunkable pro

AI/Thunkable etc were never intended for professional app developers. Just for one-offs by amateurs. Some few of you were good enough at it to push the boundaries and do more. If you want to be a pro, learn to code !!! You can develop all the apps you want from scratch using all the great free tools and all the capabilities of IOS and Android. Thunkable and AI will never be able to compete with that capability. If you are not smart enough to be a real programmer, the people at Thunkable are not at fault. Puleeze stop complaining and enjoy.

The only folks I have any sympathy for are those who developed a commercial app under Classic and will expose their aia file if they try to update after 2019. However, does your app really have that long a profitable lifetime ? Maybe Thunkable can find a way to grandfather apps developed before 10/10/2018 so they can be updated w/o exposure. Then I would see NO, ZERO, NADA cause for complaint about upcoming changes.

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just two things :
Those who use thunkable are also technically REAL PROGRAMMERS. nothing like real or virtual programmers out there.

Using thunkable also needs coding language . Just coloful blocks dont make algorithms .


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I think there are some misunderstandings here -

If you are using Thunkable Classic (app.thunkable.com), your apps will not be exposed after 10/10/2019. Thunkable Pro only applies to the X platform (x.thunkable.com).



“technically” but they can never make the hardware really sing.

p.s. I was a “real” programmer many years ago (machine code and assembler) but I am now out-of-date and I can’t do justice to modern systems/languages. I just use Thunkable and AI for fun.


When do you plan to remove the big problem that prevents publication on IOS?