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Thanks @antje.smilesyft - will double check the mailing list, but wondering did you opt-out of emails by any chance? Or perhaps it went to your spam folder by mistake? (it was sent from

Thank you for you continued support and best of luck with your upcoming product launch. Just to clarify, the new pricing structure will only apply to new members who join after 8th July. As an existing PRO user you will be able to enjoy your current PRO price until 2023.

Hope this helps, but let us know if you have any additional questions


Hi @domhnallohanlon – so I was wondering if you had any news on the 50 project limit for PRO users? As the change to the new pricing is taking place soon, I’m worrying about the unclear situation. So I counted that I have around 180 private projects currently (as a pro user), although most of them different versions of the same apps. Nevertheless, I’d appreciate some clarity before the change takes place as to what will happen next in this regard. Can I keep all my private projects as they are or what?

Thank you!




For that new starter plan to be appealing to many “casual users”/hobbyists, you’d need to include the ability to publish an app. Many of the folks I see posting here do want to publish an app, even if only for friends and family or a local group. If I understood correctly, the starter plan doesn’t include that. I wish Thunkable had drawn the line between starter and pro in a way that gave a starter account enough functionality to publish non-monetized apps, while saving the higher price for IAP, ads, and other monetization features.


I don’t want to publish apps on play store/ app store, but I do distribute apps within my community- just did one last week. I read in the blog that .aab files are only for PRO members, but will it still be possible for free members to download .apks to distribute without publishing? Thanks


That’s exactly the pricing structure I’m used to from another no-code company whose product I used for years.

They had a basic version that included publishing and all features except monetization. And then a pro version that included IAP, ads, etc. To me, that pricing structure is really appealing because for educators or amateur developers, it still gives you a path to publishing and yet anyone who wants to make a lot of money from an app then understandably has to pay more to the company providing the opportunity to do so.


THis structure honestly isn’t crazy if they are doing the numbers they say.

Look at Bubble, for example. They are a major player in the nocode world and they are able to charge per product to host. a minimum of 25 dollars per app you want to host live and they have a shitload of paying customers plus a super active community and marketplace.

If thunkable was much less buggy and a bit faster, along with opening up the ability to create custom extensions, this pricing structure would really work with me. For now, I can’t play in this space anymore. Especially as it’s nearly impossible to sell any product to users here on Thunkable.

The mentality in this community is free free free. Information should be free, the tools should not be.

I applaud Thunkables choice to up the price. I hope they up the quality to of the platform match other major players and that they start to open up outside development. it’s good, but it could be way better for 45$ per month.

still though. that’s a low cost per project. Asking thunkable to allow you to index 100 projects is like asking mom to collect all 100 rocks you collected on your walk this afternoon. She loves you, but doesn’t really wanna hold ALL your junk. instead of 100 practice projects, make a project with 100 screens.

just my two cents.


Well, I’d just want some clarity (ping @domhnallohanlon ) as to what will happen (exactly and definitely) to my existing projects as the change is taking place soon. And let me just note that announcing this change on such a short notice is not very user-friendly. Nevertheless, at least I’d appreciate that I wouldn’t need to be guessing this much what will happen at this point. And I am, and will be, a paying customer, so this much should be clear.

Hope things get sorted soon. Thank you anyway for a great platform.

Are the copies you are creating here all private projects? PRO users will still have unlimited public projects.

Sent you some account-specific questions via a PM @ethosworkfi



Somehow I missed that. That’s good news. :slight_smile: I’d say about half and half but if I can have unlimited public projects then I can continue to help other users since those are always set to public.


Hi there, I didn’t find it in the spam folder. Strange.
Ok, thanks for the info that I have time until 2023 to decide.

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Hi everyone i have a question about the above blog post.I am going to be in the free tier and i was wondering if the projects were going to be deleted on october 8th because it says

All current users with a Free account will maintain exactly the same experience until October 8th. During these three months, you’ll have the ability to finish your projects, share, and publish. After October 8th, your account will be transitioned to our new Free package.

so i was wondering because of that,Did i misunderstand it or is it somethings else?

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I believe only someone from @Thunkable_Staff can answer you.

@muneer thanks!

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If you missed it, here’s the announcement: Summer Release Announcements: Product Updates and Packaging & Pricing Changes | by The Thunkable Team | Jul, 2021 | Thunkable Thoughts - Anyone Can Build a Mobile App Without Coding

The biggest question I had:
Does the new Starter plan allow publishing an app? Or only downloading (useful only for Android)? Or is Pro required to publish to the app stores?

Secondary question: You say pricing is locked in until 2023. So if I’m paying $25/month currently, you’ll keep billing at that monthly rate for the rest of 2021 and all of 2022, for everyone subscribed by July 8th?



Thanks for the question Cathy!

iOS apps can be downloaded/installed directly onto an iPhone or iPad for testing at the moment (without the need for the App Store) This is part of the free package and will remain so going forward.

Correct! new user signing up after July 8 will need a PRO account to publish to the Play Store or the App Store. (I think there are a number of other stores that will still accept APKs, but I don’t have that information to hand right now)

Also correct! Folks who are currently PRO members will remain on their current rate until 2023 as our way of saying thanks to our earliest supporters.

Let me know if there’s anything else that we can help with.



So I wonder how this will affect the current projects that I have published. Specifically I have one at published that is still marked as private even though I have downgraded to the free plan for a while now.

I am wondering what’s going to happen to all of the projects that I have currently created On my account already?


Thanks for the feedback everyone -

Going to close this thread now and move the conversation over here:

Hopefully we’ve been able to address most of your questions, but if you think of something new please post it in the new thread.