New Year Update?

Hello Thunkable Staff,

First of all, Happy New Year! I was curious what fun exciting things you have planned for us in 2023?

One thing I’ve been thinking about lately is how there should be, at least, quarterly updates for us much like those you would be giving to your investors. I understand that this is a business and we are customers, however we too are your investors and feel we should be getting regular “check-in’s” on progress of new features and existing issues. It would give users, new and existing, reassurance that their “investment” is still worthwhile while also potentially encouraging more users to buy into pro level memberships if they know that Thunkable staff is regularly and proactively engaging users with updates and there is some sort of “roadmap” on features/updates. I am an armature and it is sometimes difficult to justify spending $45/mo so I can only imagine what a person/business feels like not knowing what the future looks like on this platform.

This is not a criticism or an attack, more my opinion on how Thunkable can set itself apart from other app makers.