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Hi all,

So after searching the community and docs for some time, I have been unable to solve this problem and hoped someone could help out. I am testing out an app where someone logs in (firebase authentication), it takes them to one of three home pages where they can upload data to airtable. Just for some fancy UI sleight of hand, I would like the page to display the user’s name, photo, and ID number. The struggle I am having is differentiating the user from the log-in so that it can determine which home page they need to see, as well as the app being able to pull that specific user’s details (photo, name, and ID).

I tried this and this solution with regards to the informtion retreival but unfortunately it’s just not working for me, as well as this for the multi-user thing.

Anyone have these problems and manage solve them?

As advised by Muneer, this is what my sign in page looks like, as well as the blocks. The idea is that instead of setting each email specifically as is in the screenshot which can become an issue if there’s a lot of users, I would like it to be able to differentiate between users based on their sign in ID so that they see the appropriate page.

I did try creating objects in the realtime db then setting the emails within that list, but I failed terribly at doing a vlookup of all items in the objects. I did also try creating individual keys e.g “V1, V1.1, V2, V3” with the sign in IDs as their calues, but also failed at setting it to something like “so long as the key contains V1, open HomePageV2”.

EDIT 2: The blocks all say email so that I could post it. The actual doc has a different email in each conditional statement, but my goal is to have emaisl grouped into something that I can refer to so that I dont have to make conditional statements for all emails (e.g if there are 15 users, they can be grouped into 3 groups of five, each group corresponding to different conditions).

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Please show you work so others from the community can comment and give advices. No one can really help in this general description apart from developing the app for you.

Show the blocks of code and point out where you are stuck (What you expect to see and what is actually showing).

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You’re right, I’ve added the blocks now. The other pages have no blocks or anyhting as I was fixated on solving this before designing them

You seem to be testing for the same text in each case. i.e i
if name input text == "email"do this
if name input text == “email” do this
surely you need to change this for example
if name input text == ""do this
if name input text == “” do this

I just changed it from the actual emails that were there so that I could post the blocks here, the actual blocks have different emails, but say if there are 15 users, then I would have to add conditional statemenst for each, but my goal is to group say 5 emails into one group so that the same logic is only applied to all emails in that one group which can be reffered to

Switch the PINs to email adresses in this example

Edited it slightly to better suit your needs

Create 2 columns in Airtable (email and group) add all email/group combinations.

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