Using AirTable for logging in


I am making the log in option on my app using AirTable and I don’t know how to get it to find the username and make sure the password associated is correct before logging the user in the app. For example, say the username is ApplesS and the password to the account is Map_E! how do you code it to find the username is the column and make sure the password is correct to sign in the user?

Let me know if you need clarification! I need all the help I can get :slight_smile:

Hey :wave: @302371r2i, thanks for posting this question.

Suggestion 1 will be to follow this tutorial. Firebase takes care if client security. Plus, thunkable has a Firebase sign in component built in.

And then if you’re feeling fancy, you can have users sign up with usernames also

I was going to use fire base but for some reason it takes forever to load on my computer and the app I am making is for a school project so I am not super worried on client security. Right now AirTable seems to be most reliable for me so if you have any suggestions regarding that, many thanks!

firebase is slow to load at first, but you will thank yourself later. There are no tutorials for this, though I could put one together for the community next weekend if you send me a PM as a reminder on Friday :slight_smile:

The issue, again, is that there is no privacy you can guarantee a user (i understand you’re not concerned with that) but with airtable, you will have all users passwords. You will have to create all of the logic for signing in. creating usernames without any repeats. creating the password reset logic. and firebase encrypts passwords so you can’t see your user’s passwords.

there are many benefits to firebase, but if you are deadset on airtable, see above and message me on Friday :slight_smile:

I don’t mind programming a bad idea unless someone here opposes the idea. It’s good practice to understand the logic behind an authentification system.

Thanks for your help! I think before I had an issue with the network I was using to access firebase but I tried again today and it works smoothly so I will try coding using that and save me some time :sweat_smile:

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@302371r2i Great work Ruth(?)

You are another great Thunker in training!


Thanks again for the help! I have another question: Do you know how to save more than just a email and password on to fire base? The app I am planning to make requires an element to remember addresses of the user for later use and I was wondering on how to go about it!