Creating sign-in using Airtable


Just wanted to ask when creating an app, is it possible signing in using Airtable in Thunkable?

My project is to create an app for onboarding/offboarding for new employees coming in the company.
I want to use Airtable to check the username and password and logs in if it matches.
How do I write the blocks for that?

I’m stuck on what to write next.


are you using Drag and drop ui or old ui

it’s the old ui

Have you considered using the firebase sign in blocks? They take care of a lot of details, as well as storing the password in encrypted format

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Yes, I have considered it but if possible, I’d prefer to be doing it using Airtable.

Hi ! Have same problem, i don’t know research and match a value in Airtable. Write in is good, but search ?
Thanks !

I created this quick demo to show that such thing is indeed possible. The code is not optimized but the goal is to show possibility. Of course I did not code all possibilities of the sign in process but enough for the demonstration to provide meaningful results.

Login demo using Airtable

The project is using Local Data Source but the same blocks would be valid for Airtable.

Happy Thunking

Hi ! Thanks for your response. But, it don’t work with me …
i am new in thunkable, sorry …

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The list of values should have column name “ID” for the trick to work. “ID” is an internal name available in every Airtable table.

So the list of values component should have “BDD User” in “bdd username” in “ID”

It works !!! A big thanks for your help !

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thank you! big help :slight_smile:

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