Airtable Query: Project on e-voting

In order let my users log into the application, they require a number and a password. These are saved on my airtable spreadsheet.

Here is what it looks like;
Note: the other columns are irrelevant at the moment.

I am unsure of how to query the airtable to retrieve the data.


I already connected it to my Thunkable app, I just need help in the block coding

@avantika.chopra1989a sounds like a great idea for an app. If you ever need information on one of our components take a look at our docs!

For example, here are the Airtable docs:

Hope that helps!

See scrAirTableRESTAPI in

Hey this was really helpful, however I need to run everything in the back end. The UI looks like this;

I’m sorry, but I’m afraid we don’t understand what you need.

You write

I am unsure of how to query the airtable to retrieve the data.

Didn’t we give you the answer to that question?

Yes could you help come up with specific code for this screen only so I can keep it as a sample for future school projects?

Also I needed code for querying the database so that I could build a log in page. Lastly, I can’t use the regular sign up block as there is a number, not an email address

Sign up block is for firebase authentication. You simply just need to take your airtable data and with a few conditional blocks, you can make an effective log-in.

I’ve coded till here. However, In order to validate the password, I need the row number of the ‘aadhar card value’ that the user had input. Not sure how to do that.

When you get a match in the get column (card number),store the value of “I”. then use it for the rowNum in the getcell block.

Ahh thankyou, but I figured it out already!