[SOLVED] I want to make a login system with the air table, but I have a problem

Hi, I can’t do what I want because the get cell and get row blocks have been removed. Basically, I want to do this: X, Y and Z
I just want to get the password and provide the information that was on the same line as that mail when the email was written, but somehow I can’t. Please do not recommend firebase, I have found an alternative myself. I made a loop that randomly tries row ID and I match the email with the randomly received number. then I learn the row ID from the forums part of the list and transfer the password to a text. if the line number is the same as that text, the line number is taken and the login is made. i want to do this quickly without the random item block in the red area. please help

You’re doing something that is very simple using Firebase and instead making it very complicated. You have every right to do that but it makes helping you difficult.

It sounds like you might want to do a VLookup. That’s where you find a value in a row and then return a different column value from that same row. If so, you can search the forums for “vlookup” to find examples of how to do that. Here’s a good example: Thunkable and returns a corresponding value from my sheet - #7 by blvckrosesssppi

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yeah yeah I want to do this thank you for reply

OMG I found the solution thank you :innocent: :star_struck:
I dont know how you call it … I AM APPReCİATE İT TATİANG YOU R A REAL MASTER


You’re welcome!