How do you use air table to target a particular cell

I have an air table that have user name and email.
I am going to search the user name by the email.
How can i do it?
I am new here and appreciate your help on this thanks.

Hi @Loh_Jordan, here is how I do the trick:

  • first get a whole column from Airtable and put the result into a list.
  • then perform with the build-in-function a search onto the list. As a result you get index = “0” that means item is not in the list or you get an index > 0
  • second get the row from Airtable with the index from step one. From the row you can access the item by name, see my example (I looked for the column with name “URL”).

Here is a screenshot, I tested it some minutes ago (you should of course check for “index > 0?” before calling airtable.getRow)…

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Thank it help me a lot.