[Solved] I am unable to update row using Airtable

My code:

Hi @janaidfarooq34, welcome to the community and thanks for posting this here :wave:

It looks as if you are using airtable to create a user login system. I would advise against this as there is potential for the information to be stolen and you have to code the entire thing. Plus, you can see your user’s passwords, which is not cool.

Instead, I would recommend following the instructions here to set up a free RealtimeDB login system managed by Google. If you run into issues there, please post then!

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Is Firebase easier to use?

It is easier and more appropriate to use for your user login system. It masks passwords from even the owner of the database. This way, your users PW’s are always protected, even from you the developer.

Will I be able to reset password? Say if a user forgets it or wants to reset it.

Absolutely! There should even be premade templates you can use that will have a reset button included.

I meant like through the app can a password be resetted?


Ok, I will try this. Thank you!

I tried it and it was easy to set up. Is there any way validating user input when they are logging in e.g. checking if the username exists.

Do you mean to make sure there are no duplicate users?

Yh, as well as being able to validate that a user has entered an email when registering.

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Yepp. Firebase is perfect for your login needs