How to create a login System using Realtime firebase?

Hi everyone, it’s my first time here. but first, i wanted to apologize for my bad English. I started to learning a few moths ago.
Well, I’m having firebase issues, I want my students to access your grades. But I can not make a login system using realtime. Actually I have no idea how to start!
I want to use the tag user and password for my students to access their notes on 2 screen. student thunkable

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You need a slash


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Hi @Jony_Kennedy you can take an idea from this app which i made few weeks ago on thunkable X but modified today for you !!

Note that you have to insert your Firebase URL and Token before testing !! :grinning:

Ct tricks


Thank you, it helped me a lot. Thank Again!

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Thanks for sharing, but that is not a hacker proof login, right?