How Can I Make This App Idea Work?

i wanna make an educational exam app where they select category and then they get questions and 4 multiple choice questions for this i know i have to make 2 columns one for question screen and one for multiple choice answer and the question screen will be connected to local db where i have the questions and their options and a corrct answer BUT i want it to make a test i want them to tap on option ill call “exam” then they select their “subject” take a test but they dont get to know the score and their score alonge with their school name and their own name and their score goes into my data base how can i do it? realtime database? firebase?

You could make something like this with firebase I guess. just keep the same layout. So lets say there are 2 questions and 4 possible answers for each one, for demonstration purposes. You could make something like this:


This then allows you to automatically update the app. maybe add a new exam, etc.

Find the subject, then the questions, then the answers for each question.

then in app compare them, or upload the results under their name.


make the questions tag under the subject just as numbers, then make tag inside the questions number and call it question, then set the value to the question.

In classic difficult to get tags…
No option for get all tags

i found a solution but i got another issue regarding firebase i wanna add persons data so they can recall their score and etc but the firebase keeps replacing my old value for new value whats the issue

Yes, if you tell firebase to make a tag called whatever, it does exactly that, and does not care that you have something there. if you are adding the values like to make a row of text separated by a comma or adding numbers together, you must first get the data from firebase, then get the persons final score, add it to the value from firebase, then upload it again.

Alternatively, you could ask them to create a username, and create a system that it calls on the users username, and if not error say username taken, and else let them chose it? That has kind of worked for me before though.

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im not gonna have authentication when a student opens my app it will get two text input 1) Full Name 2)Email Address how can i tell firebase to put these together and when new student puts his data firebase makes another folder of that persons name and email address im very new to fire base so a step by step will help alot my fire base is set but it keeps replacing old value to new its not saving it

Okay. If you know for sure your students don’t have the same names then that would be fine.

I am unsure when you say it replaces it but doesn’t save it. i need to know, are you adding the old score and new score together?

im adding new score and old score gets replaced and same goes for the name
i cant add more than one name without it being replaced or add one score than last one being replaced

Please send me a photo of your firebase so i can better describe to you what to do.

Also do you want it to be like score 1 = (score), score 2 = (score), etc?