How to Get Data based on User ID

Hi Team,

How i can get all data from air table which are inserted by app user what condition will be there pls share details so i can get some of idea .

here i am using firebase email authentication.


i am not working on this before but from what i understand. When user successfully log in,you can place his/email at label and then search at airtable and display it at screen.

Hi @ozel1978 Thanks for revert.

I have resolved this now am getting info based on user.
I have stored user in variable and Airtable

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great to hear that… if you can share the block so we do reference in future.

Hi @ozel1978 Thanks,

This a block which I have used

I hope it will useful for other who are new like me☺️


Please note that GetAllRows block only works in the Legacy UI. It is not available in the DnD UI so you are building an app without porting to new UI in mind.

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