How to Get Data based on User ID

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How i can get all data from air table which are inserted by app user what condition will be there pls share details so i can get some of idea .

here i am using firebase email authentication.


i am not working on this before but from what i understand. When user successfully log in,you can place his/email at label and then search at airtable and display it at screen.

Hi @ozel1978 Thanks for revert.

I have resolved this now am getting info based on user.
I have stored user in variable and Airtable

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great to hear that… if you can share the block so we do reference in future.

Hi @ozel1978 Thanks,

This a block which I have used

I hope it will useful for other who are new like me☺️


Please note that GetAllRows block only works in the Legacy UI. It is not available in the DnD UI so you are building an app without porting to new UI in mind.

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can you provide full screen on this block and how the design look like?

i plan to do same thing. appreciated your help.

@ozel1978 block are available on same post go through that.

i could not see the last one, seem you join some block. and how the design look like?
can you screen shoot?

There is nothing advance just shown column , you can show whatever column you want to show in list vwr just add it on join block.

Hello thunker friends.

I’m searching for this solution with the new UI. Like the orginal poster, I’m trying to filter my data table by a UserID, retrieved on sign-in.

Has anyone found an updated walk through using the new blocks? Alternatively, does anyone have a rosetta stone that helps me translate old blocks to new UI for the great tutorials that are already out there?

Thank you kindly,

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please show a screenshot of what have you done so far.

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For context. I’m trying to build a tracking app that records the amount of time someone spends connecting socially. On the home screen, the user can save a connection event (into airtable ConnectionTracker). This event consists of a name, date the connection happened, and amount of time spent. I also capture the userID and time the event was recorded. These are captured in the create row block on the right.

I’d also like to recall those records and show them to the user. What I ‘think’ I’m doing is:

  1. creating a locally stored table called LocalConnections
  2. trying to populate that table with rows that match the UserID

Thank you for taking a look.

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This sample project should give you the basic idea for what you are trying to do.

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Thank you @muneer for your help. My error was that I nested the function under the ‘if error’ scenario instead of ‘if not error’. I also fixed an ID reference. Spots circled in screen shot.

Also, your sample project won’t preview for me. App preview says ‘Something has gone wrong. Check your blocks and reset the page.’ Webpreview, the first page will open, but when I select an item, the screen goes blank.

You’ve certainly helped me enough already. Thank you kindly.

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Thunkable developers keep enhancing the system and sometimes you need to re-visit your code to make it compatible with the latest changes.

I fixed my project, you can delete the one you have now and remix the project again and you should see it working.

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