How can I store the values in the airtable for each specific user and retrieve only the values stored by that user?

For example, suppose I made a diary app.

A specific user writes a diary today.

Store that data in the airtable.

And the saved value is taken and displayed on the screen.

Other users shouldn’t read my diary. Diary should be saved according to each mobile phone user.

How do I implement this?

I’m not real good with Airtable however you could do this with Firebase. Each user would be saved as a Parent node and the entry’s would be saved as the child. You could even save each entry by date and time for each user and the only way another user would be able to access said diary entry would be to sign in as that user.

Thank you for answering.

I assumed you have the login by firebase and each user will have userid

and then you just display the data of userid with this block

I get the value “name” and “url” of current userid

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Thanks for the details.