[Solved] Prevent users see other users data / recordings in Airtable

This may be already discussed :frowning_face: but I was not able to find something clear.
Does anybody has a tutorial or a link for this?.

So, the idea it is that each new registered user in the app create new recordings in the app flow, that are saved to Airtable, but should remain private and not be seen by the other users from the same app. Each user should has own data registered as private.
It may be something basic, but I need a clear tutorial or solution.
And it is also not clear for me if this a feature from premium Airtable or could be done with a free account.

Thank you!

Yes! If you search for “filter and query data from airtable” you will find some help there.

Essentially, you just need a unique client identifier (usually the email)

Then, when you call for data from airtable, you put the response into a “For each item in j” command block. For each item in j that doesn’t have the identifier in the correct property in the “stored email” object

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Thank you!



I feel like firebase is more secure but also not perfect. I say that because when you call data from firebase, it requires a key to get in the door. You can structure how you save data to be something like /useremail/folder1/data/. By doing that each user will only be able to ever see the data that they have the email and password for. With airtable. All data from the table is downloaded to any user and the data is then filtered. There is the possibility that this data pull could be captured somehow by an external application or device on the network. Whereas with firebase, using the username in the key can help limit exactly what data is queried during a get command.

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Thank you.
I will keep this in mind as I decide what to use.
I was pro Airtable also because of frontend of the lists as at the moment it is not easy to create beautiful lists in Thunkable.

But thank you for advice!