Can I hide pages to certain users through Thunkable?


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I’m looking to build an app with a platform like Thunkable. However, I have a couple of specific requirements, and I just wanted to make sure that Thunkable could do this before signing up.

I have outlined the key requirements below:

  1. Allows users to log in.

  2. Allow us to restrict (and hide) specific content from specific users. For example, we want to create a page which is just for English people. We have Scottish users, so we would want to hide the England page from the group of Scottish users.

We have found another platform that allows us to restrict certain information from certain groups, however there is no way of hiding these pages from the app (so, it restricts it and they can’t access it, but the pages themselves are still visible to them).

I hope that makes sense, but if you have any questions, do let me know.



Yes it is possible. Below is an outline of my strategy.

I use the firebase sign in component to manage authentication. One of the returned values is the UserID. This is a unique value mantained by Firebase.

In the Firebase database I have a JSON branch including all members and various properties about that user (alias, profile picture, etc.).You can create a section in the user profile to indicate the level of access within the app (e.g. Groups).

Then in the screen OPEN event, check the Firebase user profile to see if they have the rights to access the form, if not, redirect them somewhere else something like this

Note: it would be better to also give them an alert to let them know what happened

Another strategy is to use the same user profile check to hide or display certain features (access to screens or behaviors within a screen). I don’t know if you can do this with the navigation ribbons, but it might be something worth investigating.

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