User Authentication


Where is the video tutorial that will teach me how to add User Authentication to my App ?
This is where the User Signs up and gets a Username from my App.
Then when everytime he/she uses my App, they must sign in to use it. Else, they cannot use it.
Is it possible to add/integrate php code onto my App so the php does the authentication ? If so, how to add/integrate php code onto my App ?
Right now, I am trying to build a Mobile Browser. This is where the User will need to register and get a Username and then Login with his Username to use the App. Once he/she logs in, all their page views would be logged onto my website’s Mysql.
So that means, if he/she types a url then url along with the page title and meta keywords and meta description of the page gets logged to my website.
And whatever links he/she clicks, their urls too along with their anchor texts get logged to my website’s Mysql database.
This way, I would be able to see what websites and webpages my Users browse.
See their browsed pages’ links’ anchor texts to understand what texts on the links drew the clicks.
See the pages’ titles and meta description to see what keywords and phrases attracted the User to make a click.
Now, I know how to build a User Authentication or Registration or Login page with php on my website. But have no clue how to add the feature onto a Mobile Browser. That is why I was asking if it is possible to add/integrate the php code onto the source code of my Mobile Browser App ?
I have a feeling there are other ways you people authenticate Users. If I am correct then how do you folks do it ?

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Google Firebase has a great Authentication system, and Thunkable X has a built in component to work with it. You can follow the guide here. This also allows you to build off the Authentication with Firebase itself. You can retrieve the userID and create a tag in Firebase Realtime DB with this unique ID. You can then save everything as separate objects inside of this :slight_smile:

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Anything to do with Google I hate.
They provide you platforms so they can snoop on your activities. I’m passing the Firebase bucket.
Any other solutions or workarounds ?

If you are not doing anything illegal then I wouldn’t be worried about Google snooping on me. I have nothing to hide :slight_smile:

I do not know of any workarounds. Firebase I believe is only funded by Google, and has its own separate team of developers. maybe I am wrong but your data is sent to firebase via encrypted message, same for being retrieved. If you write firebase rules properly and create some form of encryption on your own end then you or nobody sees the data.

Again if Firebase is only for Sign in it is against their terms and conditions to have a plain copy of the users password. with firebase authentication the only person who knows the password is the user themselves. You can store their data under their user ID in database so their info doesn’t show their real name or email.

I am sure though there are other solutions, but they are not implemented directly to thunkable.