How do I set up Google and Facebook authentication with Firebase?

I’m trying to set up log in accounts but instead of the user creating their own username and password, the user will sign in via Google or Facebook. I know there’s a section on Firebase to enable Facebook and Google Authentication but I not sure of what to do after I click enable for both options.


pls read the post in the community, you cannot easy enabled that . you need extensions for that and much time

Hello, can you direct me to the post you mentioned?

this may be help you

But this is thunkable X discussion and there is no extensions unfortunately

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Following this topic. I’m also looking for a solution on how to implement login with Facebook and login with Google on Thunkable X.

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Google Authentication in ThunkableX has anyone got it implemented yet. I am also looking to implement this.
Please advise.



Hi @b.perkins,

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Yep, but I didn’t add any less to the thread than the previous 3 comments.

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Any update on how to implement login with Facebook and login with Google on Thunkable X. Do you guys know if Thunkable X team is working on this for future release?

@maptheunknown, there is a dedicated sign in component in the platform.

Is there any reason why this can’t be used in your app instead?

I already implemented the Firebase email sign in using the available Sign in component. I need additional functionality for users to be able to sign in with their existing Facebook or Google account. Is there a way to do that in Thunkable?

Not at the moment @maptheunknown,

Curious to know if this is preventing you from building the rest of your app though?

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I can still build my app, no problem. But I think this would be a great functionality. Allowing login with Facebook or Gmail is a simple growth hack starting point :slight_smile:

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I have the same question, I was thinking that if you allow user to authenticate with Google or Facebook to gain access then it would be less work on keeping security updates and by virtue be more secure app, firebase can be setup to use both but I only see documentation for using firebase via email. I think if it is an absolute requirement for you then could you use the webviewer on initial screen in order to “unlock” the rest of the app? Just idea

I have had similar questions. However, my app is kind-of depending on a google-sign in because I am trying to integrate individuale google sheets for all of my users. Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this otherwise?

Hi @byron.ojua0u9,

I have been watching this thread because I will eventually get to this task for my own project.

What I have learned so far however, is that Thunkable authentication works with Firebase. Firebase is independent to Thunkable meaning that you can set up authentication methods (such as phone, google, facebook etc…) through a web page api. You should then be able to use the api from inside Thunkable. Of course, I haven’t looked into this and I am not sure if Apple will approve as app with this method.

Still watching this thread until I get to this. :slight_smile:


Why can’t I use it normally.