Can I use anonymous sign-in or Google sign-in to log in users?

Hello fellow Thunkers!

I’m building an app similar to Google Go, but to go with my web browser, Galaxies.
All I see in the Thunkable docs is Email sign in, but I want users to be able to use it without a Blaze Account.

I also wanted to be able to sign in with Google but that’s not in the docs either.

Can I use anonymous sign-in and Google sign-in or not?


please explain more in what thing do you need help with @itzcreeper

(this is itzcreeper from another account) what I mean is that normally users would have to log in using Email sign-in.
I want to users to be able to log in as a guest user and sign in with a Google Account

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Hello @blaze,
Thunkable only supports email natively, you can add Facebook/Twitter via a webviewer, for more details about this, please see the article below.

Facebook and Google Signup/Login in your app :+1:


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Google does not allow the UI auth to work in iframes. This is not a Thunkable restriction. What you want is possible but not straight forward and impossible without coding intervention to Thunkable using web api and node js in my case.

I have had several successful participants using my methods however these are much easier for facebook and twitter etc rather than Google.

happy to answer specific questions.

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thank you! this case is now known as marked solved.


Hi! It’s super simple:
Go to firebase, and copy your API key and other info into your app. Then go to authentication on the left-hand side of firebase, and click- sign-in method. It will give you a list of all possible ways Firebase can allow you to sign users up, but everything will automatically be disabled. Enable Google, and code accordingly, and you’re set.
Hope this helps!
P.S: You can also use phone number and other types of authentication, as long as you’re using firebase sign-in on Thunkable.


So you are effectively saying you can log in using Google or Facebook or phone in Thunkable??

please show is how you have managed this.

Thunkable only handles email/password signin. You will need code and web intervention. What am I missing with your ‘simple’ method?

Also, If you embed Sign-In with Google in a webviewer, it will show a UserAgent not supported error.

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