Google Sign-in on Thunkable X

While I tried login via Google. It was stopped by Google agent. From Thunkable X. Whether dangerous or not ?
As you may know.Not all websites are allow users uses their email to login or facebook login. However. Google has been stopped Thunkable X. How do I fix it without “agent” alert? .Thanks.

Hi @BlueWhaleYT - sorry to hear that you are having issues with this.

Can you upload a screenshot of this error message that you are seeing when you try to log in?


Hello @BlueWhaleYT,

How did you implement the login with Google on Thunkable X? Do you know also how to implement login with Facebook?


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I am sorry,I should clarify on it.I meant sign in via google with webview.In this case,I think you want to login the firebase account via Google or Facebook.This is not possible at the moment.