Identify user without sign up


I’m a completely new user on this platform, it looks very promising and interesting, but I have absolutely no experience with thunkable.
I would like to try to build a small app for me and some friends.
I’m planning to use Firebase as a database to keep the data. But I would like to keep track which user did enter which information on the app. Is there a way to identify every user (or device on which the app is installed on), without the users having to register or sign in? So some automatic way of having a way to add identification to each user?

I hope I explained a bit clearly what I’m looking for :slightly_smiling_face:

The best way to learn Thunkable is to read the tutorials and practice. What you’re asking isn’t very advanced but to a newbie it will seem like rocket science.

Learn how to use Thunkable, try stuff for yourself and if you get stuck then show us what you have done so far and ask for help.

I get I have to find out myself, I don’t expect someone to give me a full howto.
I was just wondering if it is possible, and where to look, because I have spend already a full day reading the tutorials and watching howto video’s, but didn’t find any answer for my problem at all.

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Try here.