How the logged user can see his username, Dob,and profile pic

How to make a profile page of logged user including his profile picture,Dob,
Username etc

is this a question about community or making apps?

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Making apps

Hey @susheelapandey742qy2 you can create a stored variable for email and for testing you can keep a label in another screen then set label 1 text to the stored variable

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Can you show me block for this


it is defaulty there if you remixed from the neon sunnet version of the app

Will this separate the users also

It will list the email of the user which the user has logged in to

Thank you I’m also from India nice to meet you

nice to meet you too

did it solve your doubt??

I checked it but it shows only one email I’d for every user

yep because they can sign up with one email only right


Then what’s your question

Sorry I mean to say no people can sign in with their email

everyone can, why can’t they


I’m telling you about my app
Firstly I have a sign in and signup screen where user have to put their email I’d and password then after successful login the have a main screen and a profile screen so I want that when user login to app in profile screen his email shows.