Latest Thunkable PRO Release - Remove Thunkable Branding from Initial Screen


Hey Thunkers,

Today, we are excited to announce a new feature for PRO creators that removes the Thunkable beaver logo from the initial screen of downloaded and published apps on Thunkable ✕.

See the downloaded version of the Gram app below:

How it works
(For PRO Thunkers only) Thunkable will automatically replace the Thunkable logo on the initial screen with the app icon that a creator uploads (see instructions here).

The Thunkable logo will appear if no app icon is added.

We will be introducing additional customization options in the future.

We also have a slate of new fixes and features in the queue so stay tuned for more updates and improvements to Thunkable ✕!

Happy thunking,
The Thunkable Team



thank you for making this possible. I’m sure the flashing beaver is a tribute to the movie fight club :wink: or my iphone 5SE, iOS 12.0.1 is a little bit too slow :thinking:



Hey, I have the same “problem” as @User81, the logo still appears, but phone isn’t the issue on my side, iPhone X here so is it voluntary ?

Nice update !


Hi there. Can you PM me a copy of your project so that we can try to replicate on our side. Thanks for catching this.



Can I change the image to be different from the icon?


I think this answers your question unfortunately :confused:


sigue intermitente por unos segundos el logo de thunkable.


Same problem @user81.


It is fixed now


I tried my ios phone seeing small time too. I just download from to my mail and tried.


You should ask @thunkable then because a new update have fixed that for me :confused:


I asked him. I am waiting too. You don’t have this problem? For IOS?


Not yet fixed for me.


Me too.


I extra bought the pro and I still see the beaver but also my icon … at the same time


@dany sorry for the trouble. If you delete your app, then restart your phone, then reinstall your app it should be ok. See

Note that in the future you shouldn’t have to do this as I’ve worked around this Apple issue. You should only need to do it this once and then you’ll be on the new way that doesn’t require this workaround.