Question about splash screen

I have question regarding default beaver splash screen. As I understand from documentation, we simply just upload PNG icon to the project setting, then beaver logo will be change automatically to uploaded logo.

Well, this is not happening. I have re-download APK twice, reinstall apps, restart the phone, clear storage cache on phone. Still beaver shows up every time apps boot up

Is this normal or did I do something wrong?

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It is promised that the issue of splash will be solved in October as announced for PRO users and above.


Hi Muneer,
It’s me again, thanks to you my apps is 90% completed. Now time to test real apps on device. Sadly if this problem doesn’t solved, this platform is as good as useless for business user.

I should’ve check this earlier before development start. Without this ability we will have to move to another platform. All of hard work been put to this is wasted.

@thunkable staff:
Any update on this yet?

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My understanding is that when you update the App Icon in the settings then this icon will replace the Thunkable Beaver if you are a paying member.

You do not have options to have a different splash style but you should not see the Beaver if you are a PRO member.

To all user who might facing similar problem.
Further checking, the cheapest paid Starter plan, which previously I’m subscribed to, is not support to change splash screen.

Switching to PRO solve the issue, it’s tested and works really well.