Issue with IAP Subscription [Oct 2022]

Hi @cassandra
thank you for the feedback and effort, I made some test but it looks that nothing has changed for me.

The "then do" branch of IAP purchase, in the code below, never fires.

The first log instruction inside the “click” block is executed every time the user starts the purchase flow.
For the the second one inside the then do branch nothing happens instead.

Before starting my test I created a new iOS build to be sure to include the last fixes on the platfom.

Please, let me know if I can be helpful or if I can provide further evidence.

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Dear @cassandra @conroy,
do you have any updates for us, please?

Brian has opened this ticket back up and is taking a look at why the fix we released last week did not work. He may be reaching out for more information from you to help.

Thank you for testing!
I understand that IAP was not working as intended for android, but from your testing, this seems to also be the case for IOS. Do you know what the error is after calling the purchase block?

Hi @brianl ,
thank you for your reply, did you have the chance to read all the thread here?

Anyway, yes, i’m using only iOS in this case ( for Android I have further problems with thunkable and discussed in other threads).

Regarding your question, I don’t know the error because the “then do” branch of IAP purchase never fires for me.

I’m available for a call if needed and I’m also curious about what you discovered during your analysis and your bugfixing.

Please, let me know the timing for your fixing because, as you can see, this thread started long time ago and other customers cannoy use iap yet.

I’m blocked after one year of development as a pro customer.


@brianl @cassandra @conroy please give an update soon.

I also sent a request to help to your customer service, billing service etc via email.

I’m also starting to contact thunkable employees via linkedin.

Thank you for your attention.


@dani19130a I’d like to discourage you from contacting Thunkable employees outside of official support channels. It’s wholly unnecessary. You have tagged everyone in support on this post.

Brian has replied in good faith that he is still working on the issue and asked for your assistance in doing so. He reasonably just asked if you could apply a label to your project and print out the error.

Hi @conroy I need to try all that I can to have a plan for this fix before changing platform and waste a year of work.

You didn’t share any useful information yet and this is very bad for us as customers.

What are you waiting for the fix? Please be transparent and say which is the plan or that this fix is not important for you, it will be more useful for us.

I can confirm this issue on Android is fixed.

If you said the then do never fire, does the Apply pay popup for you? Why do you freeze the screen before you purchase the subscription?


I notice this is a subscription purchase and the ‘Is It Consumable’ is set to True. Can you have a Consumable Subscription?

Hi @wei
thanks for replying, some feedback for you below, is it possible to arrange a call please and discuss it in a detailed way?

Regarding your questions

  • as I said, I’m experiencing the issue on Apple iPhone iOS
  • yes, I can see the Apple purchase popup but the problem is that the then do branch never fires, I can say this because the logging instruction with message Start Apple purchase flow is never executed
  • why are you talking about the freezing of the screen? Before the purchase block I placed a very simple logging instruction

Please, let me know.

Hi @martint
Thanks for your help, I did a simple test right now after setting the parameter is it consumable to false (as you suggested) but the then do branch still does not fire.

Please, dear Thunkable staff, let me know what can I do and what is your plan for fixing, I’m available for you for any kind of test or anything that can contribute to the resolution.


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Hi there, thank you for your fix!
I’m going to try it today (or tomorrow)

Just a question, do I need to change all the blocks again or replace them, or shall i just send the release to the stores?

When you changed something few months ago, block were different and i had to replace them. If i dont need to replace them, i’d save a lot of work.

Thank you in advance!

Hi there, i’ve been testing all day, here are my questions on your Android fix.

  • On the event of IAP “Purchase Subscription”, the app shows the Box twice (for box i mean the white box with green button that allows you to but the subscription from Google). So my customer is asked twice if he wants to subscribe.

  • Whare are the main different between “Most recent active purchases” and “Get purchase History”? I’m getting the same results and i dont know which one i should use.
    My subscribtion is auto-renewing, 1 year long

  • What’s the definition of consumable? I mean, during the set up in the store i said my subscription would renew automatically after 1 year, does it make it consumable or not?

  • When trying to reach IAP docs from thunkable’s project main page by clicking on the component’s “Learn More”, it leads me to the project page again.
    iap docs

These are my blocks related

After all, i want to thank you all for the great improvement and for this fix which i’m sure it’ll get better soon.

Hi there everyone, after few more days of testing i can confirm these bugs still running on Android:

  • When called, the “Purchase Subscription” shows twice, user i guess gets confused of paying two times the same subscription
  • The blocks unser the “Purchase Subscribtion” dont fire at all.At least now it allows people to subscribe but still quite inconvinient

I show you my blocks

The “Then Do” section doesn’t work at all, even the Label doesn’t show any “error” message