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Can anyone help me in IAP from A to Z. I asked in the chat and he said people in community can help. Pls help @domhnallohanlon @jane @muneer @wei

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I think to help clarify here, @namitnagar would like to see someones an example project that uses IAP and would like someone to talk him through from start to finish including setting things up on the Android developer console.

I could be off on the desire here and if so please do provide some correction :slight_smile: . Unfortunately, once things get beyond hooking up the blocks, I am not yet experienced with setting up the products. (hopefully soon!)

Perhaps this video will be helpful on the Android side of things.

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IAP was just released today. It’s brand new so there may not be that many people who know how to use it well.

Any time you post on the forums, it’s really important to explain what you’ve tried and what you’re having trouble with. “Help me in IAP from A to Z” doesn’t really give me any idea of what you need help with. It’s a lot to ask for something so vague.

What have you tried? Have you used the IAP blocks? Have you read the documentation? If so, share a screenshot of your blocks.

I would also just add that notifying multiple Thunkable Staff as you’ve done is not good forum etiquette. Especially when it’s related to something that was released today. Have some patience, do the work required to set up IAP and then ask a specific question if you still need help. Someone will be able to help you but it may take time.


I am stuck on designing part

You will need to provide details. Imagine that I went to my car mechanic and said “My care doesn’t work! I need help.” And then I left my car there and walked away. That’s what it’s like for me to read “I am stuck on designing part.” Can you say more about this?


The first step is to head to your developer console and in the product category choose In App Purchase.

The are two main categories:
Single item or one time purchase and subscription.

Fill your options here.

Once done, you need to fill the same in the Thunkable component so that you can create the link.

From here, the procedure is a bit different between Android and iOS.


I am for Android can you brief more

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The first step is to add your charging items in the Google development console

In this example I am using one time payment not subscription. I am using a donation example here

The main important info is the Product ID.

In your Thunkable app, enter the same product ID in the IAP component.

In your code (using a button or any kind of option) you will have to first inquire about the list (this is mandatory for Android)

I’m here using Alert component for testing purposes.

This should make it for a one time payment.
You need to publish the app to be able to see the results.

I hope this makes it a bit clearer now.

This works for item payment or single payment but this procedure does not work for subscription payment. I have not yet tried the subscription payment method.


Hi Mr. Muneer,
Your instructions are clear, but I’m stuck in creating a “In-app products” in Google Console. Google asks me: “to add in-app products, you need to add the BILLING permission to your APK — Upload a new APK”.
Please help me how to resolve this!


Can you explain what options have you selected. The Product category in the Google Developer Console should not show this error.

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Thank you for your enthusiastic help, I am following your instructions now, everything is fine so far.

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Hello @steven_dau
I have tried this
So what you can do is in thunkable the project you want to add IAP add it an the subscription or product.
After that genrate .aab file and upload it in console your query would be resolved.


Hi Mr. Muneer,
Now I am in a trouble and I need your help.
I am making an online Test app and I use subscription payment in my app.
I created blocks like that:

So it was wrong because when I click this button it always call Purchase.
Now I want when people purchased, they will go to new screen. I created blocks like that, Is this right?

Please help me, thanks a lot.

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Please see my earlier note. I have not really worked with subscription and would not be in a position to help.

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