Issue with IAP Subscription [Oct 2022]


@conroy in my opinion it is not correct for thunkable to show IAP among the available features at the moment.

Please, avoid that other people (like me) choose Thunkable because of this and then they get a surprise.

It is not fair.

@conroy An almost three month bug should be high priority. Have you considered building a demo app that includes purchases. Wouldn’t it make sense to have an app that contains all the components that you offer such that you can appropriately test them on down loaded and installed apps?

I’d be happy to help build one!

Regarding this, I wanted to share two points with the community:

  1. I created a Slack channel (click here) for discussion between developers. It could be helpful, for example, for sharing experiences with IAP issue and other features / bug.

  2. I also wanted to ask for help because I’m trying to find a workaround for unblocking the development of IAP but unfortunately the Get Product Info and Get Most Recent Active Purchase blocks do not work on iOS and return always the error “Must be connected to App Store”**. Did anyone already experience this and can help?

What I have done until now:

  • Apple approved the subscription that I configured in App Store Connect
  • I set the Product ID in the purchase configuration panel
  • Created a sandbox tester
  • Created an iOS build and installed on a smartphone via TestFlight
  • Tested so many times result is still the same, anytime that one of the two mentioned blocks fires it always returns the error “Must be connected to App Store”

What kind of workaround I’m trying to build:

  • Exploit the fact that the user flow (I mean the native flow) of the purchase flow is working fine
  • Use the Get Most Recent Active Purchase block to verify the purchase, in place of the Then do branch of the Purchase Subscription block that is not working at the moment.

Thanks and see you on Slack!

Hi there,

i know your’re already putting a lot of effort in order to fix this bug, but it’s been quite a long time for such a vital component.
Do you have any updates on this by any chance?

Thank you for your time


I have been developing an app for 7 months now and IAPs are critical to the project. Has there been any update regarding this?

Thank you.

@maurizio.polverini89 @goldenway4800dx Thank you both for your patience with IAP. It has indeed been a difficult situation with IAP to fix. We have, thanks to many of our user’s help, been able to find several issues with how IAP was implemented in Thunkable.

We are working now on a shorter term solution that will get IAP back up and running again. We are also working on a longer term fix that will ensure IAP is not down for this long of a time again.

Because of several factors beyond our control, this has taken much longer that we had hoped. We are at work currently on getting things fixed as quickly as we can and will provide updates here as we get IAP back up and running again.

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Hi Conroy,

Thank you for getting back to us. Is there any ETA for both the short and long-term solutions?

Kind regards

My hope for the short term is to have IAP back up and running again by the end of this quarter. The longer term solution would be sometime later this year.

Hi @conroy,

We have been working since July on our app and have over 500 man-hours of content creation invested into the building of this app on Thunkable. We have been working with @domhnallohanlon and @cassandra directly throughout this process. Our app is designed to compete with Headspace and Calm and other similar apps. What I find someone deceptive is that the inability to process IAP has been a known issue since October, which we only have just learned about. Representatives of Thunkable have known since conception that our App is intended to be launched under a subscription-based model, yet there was no mention of this issue. It appears that correcting this ‘bug’ of the inability to process subscriptions is a low priority due to perhaps a low number of user requests for this bug to be fixed. We should have launched our app by now, however, we are scrambling to find solutions and alternatives. We were prepared to promote and advertise our app, and our predictive model showed high active user and subscription rates based on our advertising objectives. It would seem that having a successful app generating quality revenues would be something Thunkable would want to promote. I can’t quite figure out your projected models for success. I am assuming it is purely subscribers and app builds. That is a shame, there seems to not be a home for us here. It is pretty pathetic that we are 99% complete only to find out about this occurring. Every day that passes is a loss of revenue and success for both our company and yours. We do hope you reconsider the priority of fixing this bug, as it is an extremely high priority for us. We appreciate your reevaluation of the slow-walk method of fixing this issue. We also invite others having a similar situation to contribute to this forum in order to elevate the priority level of this bug being fixed, or perhaps any other relevant information or solutions.



@goldenway4800dx I absolutely hear your feedback and understand your frustration. We are working internally and will make a plan for this issue very soon. Once I hear more, I will update you all here in this thread.

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I also set up recently the APIkey in the Google Play Store just in case as the guide says (i never had to set them before), but i’m not sure if it’s really related to my issue.


Dear @conroy ,
have you any updates on this? do you have a better resolution plan to communicate?

In the meantime Adalo released the IAP feature today (see this link)

Flutterflow already has this feature.



Thank you Dani, I appreciate your efforts and insights!

I am looking into it. In the worst case, we need to update our IAP package. Please give us a week, and I hope we can finish it sooner.


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Just to confirm this appears to be an IAP ‘Subscription’ only issue.

I have recently updated one of my apps using IAP ‘Purchase One Time Item’ with the relatively new ‘Is it consumable’ block, which wasnt available when the app was created.


After testing True & False I can confirm both give the expected results on Android:

‘False’ aknowledges the transaction and only allows a single purchase of the item.

‘True’ allows the item to be repeat purchased indefinitely.

On IOS this is ignored as this part is setup in the console.

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Hello, I just pushed a hotfix out there. Can you please try if that works for you?


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Hi everyone!

Thunkable team here. As @wei mentioned last week, we pushed a fix for this last week, and we were able to validate the fix on our own devices.

Has anyone tried this yet? We’d love to hear more feedback from the community before we close this!

Thank you so much,

@martint @dani19130a @niftiitimpb @goldenway4800dx @maurizio.polverini89 @jared @nongyen

Hi there,
my latest release has just been approved, i will test it in the next few days

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Don’t have any apps with iap. Glad to see it’s fixed, I lost a few gigs over this :cry: