[Superpost] In app purchases and subscriptions for IOS and Android


I am wondering if I can integrate IAB for andriod and IAP for ios for subscription based apps? I am just a newbie wandering about to see if thunkable fits my need to create a light weight subscription based membership app for my local gym at low cost. I do found some treads regarding payments for Andriod but couldn’t find much for IOS. Please do advise me on this and if it suits me I would definitely go deeper into learning till I create one for my need. Thanks in advance.



Also interested on this topic. Any updates for in-app payment component?

Also interested in this ability. Need to be able to do in app purchases.

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I read a post that says you were working on in-app purchases. Any update on this?

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Hey @nowisthething7g18rj,

We’ve paused development on this as it requires some updates from third-parties.

We don’t have any control over this, but if they get updated we’ll be in a position to move forward with IAP again.

Hope this helps clarify!


Please keep us updated. Can we expect to see in-app purchases before May 2020?

Thanks for following up in relation to this @hi1.

Just wondering why you have such a specific time-line in mind for this?

The project I’m working on needs to be finished by May and I need to know if I’m going to try Android Studio or just use Thunkable.

Can Thunkable support native in app purchases with iOS and Android apps
Also does Thunkable work with iOS swift code programming language under the hood. I always wondered what these app creation services use for iOS and Android under the hood

Hi @audioDSP11 - welcome to the Thunkable community :wave:

At the moment IAP, or in-app purchases are not supported you can, however, use the payment component to accept payments from your users.

I’m afraid not, we’re not using Swift for Thunkable X.

Thanks for getting in touch!

I didn’t see payment component. When is it possible to use IAP for app?

There’s two different questions I think.

The old payment component was retired in July

We’re working on an in-app payment component, and will hopefully have this out by the end of the year.


@domhnallohanlon what language is Thunkable built on?

This is a very important function - please do finish it !! Thanks you for Thunkable!

Thanks for your encouragement @patrickdightt - we think so too and will have it out as soon as possible.


Any updates on the in-app payment component?

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How can we monetise on iOS without IAP? Ads are not the solution.

Hey @HugoCosta

What can sort of monetisation solution were you think of?

Can you tell us a little bit more about your app, who your users are and what their needs are?


Hi @domhnallohanlon

My app is for managing collections of items (sorry for not being super specific about what items).
My users are collectors who want to record and track their collection. They need to set up reminders (notifications) to perform certain tasks on theirs items.
I want to build the service as a pay by month or annually service. On iOS we must use IAP for charging subscriptions, on Android I could use another type of subscription manager (ex: Stripe) but I rather use androids native IAP system.


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Hi @domhnallohanlon!
Didn’t got an answer from you. Just to make sure, thunkable X does not currently support IAP. Correct? Maybe soon?

Thank you.