Switched from Adalo to Thunkable - due to in-app purchase IAP implementation for subscriptions

I’m a senior IOS developer with over 10 years of experience in Objective C and SWIFT. I have decided to use a no code or low-code platform and migrate my apps to this platform. I started with Adalo, but after 2 months of intensive learning in all details I came to the conclusion that Adalo is not usable for IAP subscriptions at the moment. There exists no native component for it and the workarounds are a pain.

I would also like Thunkable a lot better from the approach. Now my specific question, how far along is the implementation of IAP in Thunkable for IOS and Android for subscriptions?

I’ve read about it in the documentation and forum, but I’m not sure if the implementation is complete. What really puzzles me is the statement in the documentation: The “Get Most Recent Active Purchase” block may crash your iOS app.

Is there an example with a full implementation of IAP for IOS and Android with the scopes:

  • Display of all subscriptions
  • Purchase of a subscription by the user
  • Validation of active subscription at program start
  • Restore of already active subscription

Many thanks, Ron

It’s not broken. Sometimes the response that gets passed back for a tester on an iOS app is incredibly large and if you try to display it on the screen it will crash. I probably should’ve been more clear about that in the doc sorry about that!!

I can give more info about this Monday!

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Hey Jared,

thanks for the quick reply, it would be great if you could reply in more detail next week.

Have a nice weekend, Ron